Research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows the smartphone is the fasted adopted technology in the history of mankind.  Mobile apps have totally changed the connected experience… but online security has failed to keep pace.

Most security still relies on a ‘clientless’, cloud-only solution.  If your mobile app is not an active part of the security process, it is impossible to know exactly to whom or to what your web service is connected.

mSIGNIA’s App Security was designed specifically to secure mobile apps, protecting the website’s endpoint.  Compiling the mSIGNIA security library into the developer’s app provides fast, easy and safe user authentication, malware detection and device reputation; leaving the developer free to focus on their app… not security.  When a secured mobile app at the client connects with a web service’s existing cloud-based security, the resulting end-to-end security reduces risks including identity theft and fraud.

mSIGNIA’s patent-pending Contextual Key Crypto validates three types of data on the mobile device:

1)  User data to provide a frictionless, multi-factor and continuous contextual authentication; no passwords required
2)  Software data to detect rogue apps and malware tampering of iOS and Android
3)  Hardware data to establish a reliable device reputation to combat fraud

Gartner reports security methods like device recognition that reduce fraud are ineffective with 40% of the mobile devices and “this is generally true for any mobile device identification system from any vendor.”  Gartner’s “Secure mCommerce” report recommends that merchants overcome this deficiency by fortifying their apps, validating the OS and using strong user authentication… exactly the functionality mSIGNIA provides.  Plus, mSIGNIA’s patent-pending validation of added user data even recognizes iPhones and iPads where device fingerprinting is ineffective.

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